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Finding a good and reliable blog writing service has become a difficult task to accomplish with so many options available. You never know when your decision of hiring a certain company may backfire at you. Some article writing companies are really awesome and will deliver the content according to your requirements but it is also a fact that others simply don’t live to expectations.

The quality and standard of the content posted on your website becomes the best advertiser for you. Every single blog or article you publish becomes one of the most treasured assets for you because it not only brings more traffic but also helps you appear higher on Google search engine. Therefore, if you are not able to write blogs yourself, you must consider hiring a reputable and reliable article writing service as it will offer you following benefits:

  • You can concentrate on other tasks while experience writers create great articles for you. You just have to outline your content requirements, approve the articles when you receive them and publish them.
  • You don’t have to worry about editorial deadlines as a reliable writing service will always deliver articles on time.
  • Such a company will always hire writers who are expert in their particular fields to create best possible blogs. You can benefit from their expertise and stamp your authority in the market as industry leader.
  • High quality blog content will help you get natural and qualified traffic which further leads to genuine leads and ultimately more sales.

3 Things to Look for in a Blog Writing Service:

So you already know the importance of hiring a professional and experienced blog writing company or freelance writer. But how do you find or hire a great content writing company? When you decide to hire a blog writing company, you need to look for certain things to make a correct selection. First and foremost is of course the price. You have to select a company that provides excellent content at rates which are within your budget. You also need to confirm that whether they charge extra for services like extensive research or articles written by renowned journalists or published authors.

Secondly, it is also good to learn what their turnaround time is because it is really important for your business. Timely delivery of the content is necessary because your company’s reputation depends on it.

Last but not the least, the content writers or company you hire must be willing to do re-writes unless you are satisfied. If they hesitate to do so, you must understand that they are not thorough professionals and are trying to take you in. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are receiving high quality content in timely manner from your contractor and getting full value for your money.

Famous Freelance Sites:

In the context of above discussion, following are some of the most famous freelance sites from where you can hire exceptional freelance writers to write blogs for you.

Elance is perhaps the most popular and best freelance writing site. My personal experience suggests that it is very easy to post a job and find a good freelancer at reasonable rates due to extensive competition among contractors. The company also allows you to post both hourly and fixed price jobs as per your particular requirements. They will also charge you $10 fee to ensure that you are a legitimate buyer and will pay providers for their work.

Freelancer is also an extremely popular freelance site. It allows you to access thousands of content writers from across the globe. However, the problem with Freelancer is that it is overwhelmingly crowded by freelancers from third world countries. Furthermore, Freelancer will make you pay for anything ranging from posting the job to deleting it. Exciting, isn’t it.

Try oDesk if you want to meet all your hiring needs at one place. oDesk is best in the business because the available talent will never disappoint you, the company never upsells and the platform is very simple to use just like Elance.

Both buyers and contractors have mixed opinion about Fiverr. It is the biggest online marketplace from where you can get any type of content written for just $5. But, as there are some great writers working on Fiverr, there are a lot of scammers there as well. But if you are looking for some really creative content or proof reading help at such a low rate, give Fiverr a try.

Four Well Known Blog Writing Sites:

There are innumerable blog writing services or sites in the market. Some of them are really great while others are ordinary.

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