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Completing a dissertation conclusion, sometimes feels like running the last miles of a final race or writing the last pages of an overlong novel – often people feel exhausted at this point.

However, the dissertation conclusion is the final part of your dissertation writing assignment. It comprises approximately 10% of your project's word count. This part does matter since it provides a summary of the research you have conducted and shows what you have discovered and learned while performing your dissertation writing task. It is important for your dissertation to be flawless so it could impress your readers, and therefore you have to finish it “on a high note”.

In the dissertation conclusion you have to draw together different strands that you have analyzed in the main body of your custom written dissertation. Sometimes it's also important to offer some recommendations for improvement to a particular area (for example, if you're preparing a social work dissertation) or mention related fields of interest that have a great potential in case of further study. There is also a place for comments on how limited is your research if that is a problem you had to face.

However, the main focus should always be on your success – you need to prove that your research is truly worth the time, effort, and attention. Also, it's important to list only those areas that you were working on since the dissertation conclusion shouldn't include new information at all.

Making references is also extremely important but it's easy to forget about them. You should note that missing this step will cost you marks, because it is a mistake. It's necessary to base your dissertation conclusions on things you have already discussed in your custom written assignment and make sure that there's always a reference to the academic opinions and theories that were mentioned throughout the body of your dissertation.

The dissertation should not contain much direct quotation since it's important to show an ability to show how your thoughts and views relate to the ideas of academics who your readers deeply respect. It really does matter, trying to impress your audience, because your chances to gain the best marks increase if you succeed.

There's also a need to see the logical connection between dissertation conclusion and introduction. It's all about this mirror effect: the introduction states what the dissertation does, while the conclusion describes what it has done.

Pieces of dissertation writing sometimes also include a reflective section that notes a few highlights of your experience while writing this custom writing assignment. However, it is optional, and you should always remember what you are getting your marks for in the first place, which is a detailed analysis of a chosen topic.

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