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Help with writing a dissertation

Dissertation WritingDissertation writing is probably one of the most complex academic experiences. Most university degrees require for students to develop a dissertation as a final project for obtaining a degree. Writing a dissertation is essential to a student’s academic success. Not only does it bear a significant weight towards your final grade but dissertation writing is an experience which would help you grow your extensive knowledge on a topic of interest.

Dissertation writing is a difficult process which is usually highly regarded by employers. If you have successfully managed to plan and complete your dissertation then employers trust your writing and organisational skills as well as your intelligence.

A high quality dissertation is required to contain an extensive academic significance, in-depth analysis and research validity. The research and writing experience allows a researcher to develop many academic and professional skills. Dissertation writing needs to be approached carefully and in the very early days in a student’s academic career.

We recommend you start well ahead with planning your work and writing your dissertation proposal. The more your plan the better your grade will be and the more time you will have to dedicate to researching, writing and improving your dissertation.

There are a number of components which your dissertation needs to be comprised of, such as Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings, Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations. A-Mentor is highly experienced in providing dissertation writing support on a wide range of topics. We are able to support your writing by conducting both primary and secondary research methodologies.


The 1st chapter of your dissertation is the Introduction. It needs to contain information on your research topic and writing approach. It is a highly important chapter which introduces the reader to the research problem and the dissertation writing strategy which the author intends to utilise to address the set research questions.

A-Mentor is highly experienced in the writing of business degree dissertations. We can provide students with the necessary support for successfully conducting your dissertation writing. We are always happy to work with new clients and very often provide invaluable guidance for your dissertation free of charge and at no obligation. Please contact us for more details and we will be more than happy to explain how our mentors can help with your dissertation writing.

Literature Review

An important component of your dissertation is your Literature Review. It is an extensive and complex chapter and therefore your writing needs to focus specifically on reviewing the existing academic literature on your topic of interest. Remember, that your dissertation writing is a process which requires a critical review on theories and academic concepts. One of the main issues which students experience is that they prepare a Literature Review which is overly descriptive.

The quality of your writing and the validity of your dissertation rely very much on the credibility of the academic literature used. A-Mentor can assist you in identifying the appropriate literature for your research and assist you throughout the dissertation writing process. Our mentors have completed many business degree dissertations and are highly skilful in the dissertation writing approach needed for each business topic.

Research Methodology

Once your Literature Review is written, your work needs to focus on the Research Methodology. It is the area of your dissertation which explains how the research process is conducted. This needs to be clearly outlined as it would serve you as a guide to successfully completing the dissertation writing process.

A-Mentor is experienced in the different research approaches and strategies which your writing approach can contain, such as primary and secondary research; quantitative questionnaires and qualitative interviews. These are all important aspects on which the process of dissertation writing is dependent. Although this is the 3rd chapter of your dissertation, you need to be very much aware of your methodology prior the dissertation writing.

If your dissertation requires primary research you need to plan ahead. A-Mentor can reach different stakeholders for quantitative or qualitative research to support your writing. We have supported many students in their dissertation writing needs and are confident in the contribution we can make to your work.

Findings and Analysis

Another important chapter is your Findings and Analysis. It is the section of your work which reveals the answers to your research question. Your dissertation findings need to provide detailed information on the research results and how they relate to your dissertation writing purpose and overall experience.

It is important that this section of your dissertation contains certain quantifiable assessment of your findings in the form of statistical information, rough data, tables, charts and graphs. This information is used as a basis of your further dissertation writing and specifically in the writing of your Discussion chapter.

For more information on how we can help with your dissertation writing and the development of your research findings please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We are more than happy to explain how we can assist and see you flourish in your academia and far beyond.

Dissertation Discussion

The final section of your dissertation is the Discussion chapter. This is a chapter which you should use to synthesise your research findings, the academic literature and your overall dissertation writing experience. It is important that in your writing you outline some weakness which can be identified in your piece of research.

We understand that dissertation writing could be a highly challenging process. This is the reason why, we are here to help with your research and writing, and contribute to your academic success. All support on your dissertation provided by A-Mentor is designed for research and study purpose only. Very often even the most capable and smart students require a little bit of guidance and objective view on their ideas and dissertation writing skills. This is what A-Mentor is here for, to support and guide you while you enjoy your success in academia and far beyond.

Essay writing service in Australia - Dissertation writing
Essay writing service in Australia - Dissertation writing ...
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Dissertation Writing Assistance you can get immediate ...
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Dissertation Writing Service in Newcastle - Dissertation ...
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