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Master dissertation of two students with the same subject

  • A Master dissertation by two students with the same subject is possible.
  • The work must be submitted in separate volumes.
  • The defence is individual, so separated in space and time.
  • For each Master dissertation, a separate Board of Examiners is appointed, so a separate written assessment is required.
  • If a common title is used, this has to be complemented with a separate subtitle.
  • In the introduction of each Masters dissertation, the cooperation should be mentioned and the similarities and specificity of the work have to be identified.

General procedure

The procedure below is valid for students of the English Master programmes of the FBE that defend their dissertation at the UGent.

Students registered in the International MSc in Rural Development have to comply both with the regulations of the FBE and the regulations of the international IMRD consortium as described in the Student Handbook and Student Agreement.

The Master dissertation is scheduled during the final year of the standard learning track of the Master programme.


At the FBE, the following procedure for announcing and establishing the Master dissertation subjects (in the first master year) is used:

  1. Before May: students get all necessary information (through core-groups or course coordinators) on the following topics:
  • organization and regulation of the Master dissertation
  • explanation on plagiarism
  • explanation on the research topics and projects in the departments involved in the master programme
  • announcement of the subjects
  • explanation on the possibility to propose one’s own subject
  • June: final deadline for establishing the subject, the promoter(s), the tutor(s) and the possibility to keep the results confidential by the study program commission OC-ABS and the faculty board of June.
    If necessary, the subject can rather be defined as a research theme, which leaves the necessary freedom to fine-tune the subject in a later stage (e.g. depending on the data or material that can be collected from the home country during the holidays).
  • In March of the second master year: The Faculty Student Administration asks the promoters to submit the final title of the Master dissertation, de promoter(s), the tutor(s), the confidentiality and a proposal for the members of the dissertation reading committee. These are treated at the OC-ABS and faculty board of April.
  • The subjects are announced to the ZAP, AAP and WP staff of the FBE in order to give them the opportunity to express their interest to function as a member of the dissertation reading committee of one or more dissertations in advance.

Remark: In the second year of the Master of Science in Environmental Sanitation, three majors are offered (soil, water and air). The Master dissertation has to be linked to the major selected.


The student is entitled to get the necessary supervision and guidance, by means of a number of counselling talks during which all aspects of the work can be discussed. These talks can be organised at fixed points of time or after making an appointment. The promoter coaches the student actively during these counselling talks, during which both the scientific aspects and the learning process can be discussed.

The student has to discuss and reach an agreement with the promoter(s) and the tutor(s) on the following topics:

  • availability (the starting date of the experimental work, working schedule during the week, availability during the first term first examination period, final date of the experimental work)
  • practical arrangements concerning the literature
Source: www.ugent.be
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Download Doing Your Masters Dissertation (SAGE Study ...
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